Love that Dirty Water

Over the past few days my head has been swimming. So many thoughts, so many feelings, so many emotions. Those that are most prevalent have been ones of overwhelming pride and gratitude.

Nine and a half years ago I made the decision to leave the places that were my home, move across the country to a city I had always wanted to see, and start a new life. And so I did. The timing was right, opportunities presented themselves to make it happen, and I jumped or perhaps ran. Either way, from Colorado to Massachusetts I went- and I never looked back. It changed my life in ways that I never knew it would. As I became accustomed to this new city, this new way of life. I fell and I fell hard. Boston- stole my heart. It made an imprint of my life what I will never be able to remove- and frankly, I don't want to. I'm proud, so incredibly proud.

I'm proud of who it's made me, proud to be able to say that I lived there, and proud to say Boston has become a part of me. As I search for words to express what I mean by this I find that I am at a loss. You see Boston is a city that can swallow you up, eat you whole, and spit you out without missing a step. At a glance it's full of hard corners, dizzying roads, and cold weather. But if you stick it out it's a city that can embrace you and once it does it won't let go. It gets in your blood, defines you and becomes a part of who you are. To say that I love this city would be an understatement. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to live there and I will be forever grateful for who I am because of it.

There are some that will say I am being dramatic- but there are those out there that know. You understand what I mean. You've experienced it.



I am here. Yup. Haven't gone very far. I am sitting just where you left me.

Here is my thought for the day.


Yup. That about sums it up.

How about you? You got something for me???


monster! monster!

there's a monster under my bed!



I was just looking at my desk at work and discovered the following:

I have three bottles of liquids on my desk. All different. Two types of water. One with electrolytes, the other with the tinest bit of lemonade. The third is a strawberry lemonade. The smallest of the three is a 20 oz bottle. The largest is a 33.8 oz bottle. I like liquid.

I just inhaled a small bag of yogurt covered pretzels. Afterwards I review the calorie content. I will not share what I learned but I will tell you that I will not burn off all the calories I need to by the end of today.

I am either dehydrated and trying to hydrate as quickly as possible or I am bored.



if you want to really get to know a person take a moment to step into their shoes. don't wear socks. close your eyes and feel. feel all the little bumps and indents that have been worn into their sole. all the cold spots and the warm spots. just stand there. take a deep breath and think, for just one brief moment, what it would be like to walk in those shoes for a few steps, a few feet, perhaps even a mile. acknowledge that these shoes have been worn through thick and thin. gaze at the outside of each shoe- acknowledge the parts that are well worn- those that aren't. perhaps there is a bit of dust on the toe. don't brush it off- just recognize its presence. when you are done place them- gently, exactly as you found them. say thank you and walk forward, carrying with you the things that you have learned.